Coffee Machines


Coffee machines in the kitchens for everyone to use to get their caffeine fix? :coffee:



Need this! Nespresso do a great deal where you get a Machine for £1 when you take out a subscription for their coffee. Might be a good way to get the machines in as well as the coffee!


Or a bean to cup machine! We already get the milk delivered. It gets plumbed in and it works like the costa machines you see about


Did we not already sample a bean to cup machine under Kellys reign? How come this came to nothing?


Whatever we look at, I think we would need to consider the waste that comes from these coffee machines. Tassimo and Nespresso in particular.


100% agree with you @Jonathan and for this reason in addition to cost reasons it would make more sense to have larger non-pod units, either a barista style one, or more likely an automated self-serve one. For example:


I think this is similar to the type of machine that we trialled with Kelly, that @KyleRisi mentioned.


Interesting you focus on the waste side of things mate. Swear I saw your opened Mushroom soup left sat on the side in the kitchen all night? :wink: :stuck_out_tongue:!




Thanks for the input @jack.oldmeadow but my shortfalls and the future plans of the business are 2 separate issues.